The Devil Device

Our favorite season was the one at Granny’s,
Where our pockets were loaded with candies.
Now the children only know their nannies.
Are they genuinely becoming less brainy?
Oh this devil device is turning them crazy !

Once was an era when we played games in the park.
Our group of friends was a trademark,
Not the one that is created by Mark.
Instead, we were our society’s spark.
We enjoyed every moment with our hearts,
Although mom would scold us if we returned when it got too dark.

The new generation seems to have no clue,
For they only bother about Yahoo.
They know not what treasures we once went through.
It’s only the captivating cellular that they have grown into.
I wish they could appreciate things that are beyond the digital view.

The playgrounds are all abandoned,
People are all busily stranded.
Only using social media is supposed to be branded,
Where real emotions are never granted.
Oh how I wish I could command,
And with some magical wand once again create a world that is authentically candid.

© Ritika

Published by Ritika

In the process of discovering myself !

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